Although it’s summertime and most kids in school will be thinking about their time off, rather than taking on music lessons, I’m still on the search for more students.  I’ll be contacting school music teachers in the area soon, so hopefully that works out, along with my posted ads on craigslist.

This also got me thinking about my own lessons, and how I really need to keep up my practice routine better this summer, especially since I’ll be going away to what is fondly known as “music boot-camp.”  Structured itineraries including four hours of personal practice time, plus chamber rehearsals, coachings, masterclasses, and performances.


Although daunting, almost everyone that I’ve known that has gone to these summer music “camps” has come back leaps and bounds better of a musician than they had gone in as.  This is why I’m going, for the life-changing experience.  I liken it to exercising…most people are daunted by the task and often times wonder why they are putting themselves through it, but in the end they overall feel better, because they did it for themselves.  I’m doing this for me.

So for those of you who think it’s too late to take music lessons, it’s not!  Do something for yourself, even though you may think it will be a grueling process.  Try it, and you’ll feel great!

Hello world!

Hi all!

This is my first blog post!

I have officially finished my first year as a viola performance student (after my switch from violin) and feel great!  I’m super excited to spend four weeks in Vermont at Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival (June 26-July 23)…nothing but mountains, practicing and chamber music.  I’ll be studying with Susan DuBois for the four weeks, not sure what chamber ensemble I’ll be in, but still excited nonetheless!

Until June 26, I’ll be in Tampa taking French II, and hopefully teaching some lessons!