After two years in Sarajevo and numerous auditions, it was time for me to leave. It was only a temporary position, and while I was working towards a permanent position, due to extenuating circumstances that was unable to happen. Now I am happily living in France, working as an English […]


So much has happened in this last year: I completed my Master’s at the University of North Texas and won a position with the Sarajevo Philharmonic for one season!  This amazing opportunity is a cultural exchange program through the Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  It’s always been a […]

Master’s: Year 2

My second and last year of my Master’s has begun in full swing.  Both school and outside gigs have been keeping me busy.  I’m currently teaching lessons in the Lewisville ISD at Downing Middle School, taking auditions with orchestras around the area and playing some gigs.  Doing this has helped […]

Settled in Texas

I’ve been in Denton, Texas for about a month now and in school at UNT for about 2 weeks. The atmosphere (besides the weather) is a lot different from Florida — there are SO MANY viola students here, let alone the rest of the school, and there are so many […]


Wow! It’s been almost a year since my last post…it’s been a crazy one.  Since last summer at Green Mountain, I have: applied for a Fulbright scholarship auditioned for graduate school performed a solo with the Sun City Chamber Players performed with Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus and Orchestra given […]

Green Mountain 2012

I’m a little late in updating how my summer has been going — Green Mountain is about 3/4 over!  But I have been learning a lot: This summer I studied with Sheila Browne (UNSCA) and Susan Dubois (UNT).  Both are Karen Tuttle students, so they had very similar ideas, but […]

End of semester/Beginning of summer

The semester ended about a week ago, and I’ve definitely been relaxing.  My recital and jury are finished, but now I’m getting ready for another recital in June (see calendar), as well as some performances with Venice Symphony and a wedding.  Aside from that music, I’ll be working on Bartok’s […]

New Semester

The new year is up and running, with plenty to be busy with. This semester’s solo works include: Hindemith op. 25, no. 1; JC Bach Concerto in C minor; and Schumann Adagio and Allegro. I anticipate Hindemith with absorb most of my time, as it’s lack of tonality and abundance […]

Recital Thanks

Thank you to everyone who came to my recitals!!  It was really great to see all of the support. I’d like to specially thank my parents for being so supportive over the years, my teacher JT Posadas for helping me grow as a musician, and to Jeff Jordan, “The Stars” […]

Vermont, Week 4

This last week in Vermont was quite busy, everyone’s ensembles are performing, and I had my last two lessons of the festival with Karen Ritscher.  Last week was a nice break to not have lessons, but practicing 4 hours a day and not having a lesson for over a week […]