Vermont, Week 3

This update is a little on the late side, but here’s what’s been happening this past week at Green Mountain: Last week I didn’t have any lessons.  It was a good break to just focus on practicing, but toward the end my practice sessions got a bit unfocused.  I have […]

Vermont, Week 2

This past week at GMCMF has been very busy and very productive in both my lessons and in chamber music, and, of course, fun! I had my last two lessons with Dr. Dubois this week, as she is off to another music festival in Croatia (how cool is that??).  She […]

Vermont, Days 3, 4 and 5

It’s about midday on Day 5, and I realized I haven’t updated the past couple days, so here’s what’s been going on: Wednesday: Today began as it normally does here at GMCMF, wake up, practice for 4 hours, lunch time, then a break before my chamber rehearsal at 2:30.  Today […]

Vermont, Day 2

My second day of GMCMF has come to a close via a student concert with some pretty talented performers.  Most memorable to me was the last person, a pre-college girl from Cincinnati playing Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen, which if you don’t know the piece, it’s pretty crazy-virtuosic.  All of the performers were […]

Vermont, Day 1

I just finished my first official day at Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival, and although I’m exhausted I enjoyed every minute of it.  I woke up at [the ungodly hour of] 7 am, practiced from 8-12, and had a chamber rehearsal later on in the afternoon.  I made some new […]

Less than one week!

…And I’ll be on my way to Vermont! My chamber group has been decided, and my string quartet will be working on Zoltan Kodaly’s second string quartet.  Along with this challenging new piece, I’ve been trying out new shoulder rests, and I think I’ve found one.  I needed something to […]

As Vermont Approaches…

Only 18 more days until I leave for Vermont! I’m very excited to make this trip, and so my only focus will be viola-wonderfulness (and a bit of French homework…) As I’m taking care of things in Tampa (i.e. where I’m going to live for the school year), I can’t […]

Summertime Music…

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog…Here’s what’s been going on since I last posted: I’m still in the Tampa area teaching lessons and practicing, etc.  I’m also taking a summer class at USF, French II, which I’m really enjoying.  I’ve picked up a French minor, which […]


Although it’s summertime and most kids in school will be thinking about their time off, rather than taking on music lessons, I’m still on the search for more students.  I’ll be contacting school music teachers in the area soon, so hopefully that works out, along with my posted ads on […]

Hello world!

Hi all! This is my first blog post! I have officially finished my first year as a viola performance student (after my switch from violin) and feel great!  I’m super excited to spend four weeks in Vermont at Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival (June 26-July 23)…nothing but mountains, practicing and […]