The new year is up and running, with plenty to be busy with.

This semester’s solo works include: Hindemith op. 25, no. 1; JC Bach Concerto in C minor; and Schumann Adagio and Allegro. I anticipate Hindemith with absorb most of my time, as it’s lack of tonality and abundance of double- triple- and quadruple-stops will keep me quite busy.  The JC Bach, son of the famous JS Bach, is a classical favorite, and the Schumann, I just recently discovered, was originally written for French Horn, but is frequently played by viola and cello.

For orchestra, our first concert we will be playing some pieces by Frank Zappa, Brahms’ Piano Concerto no. 1 with soloist Joshua Sawicki, Martin’s Ballade for Trombone with soloist Dillon Swift, and Britten’s Four Sea Interludes. For our second concert, the USF Symphony Orchestra will be tackling Mahler’s Symphony no. 3.

Should be a busy semester, as I will also be working on orchestral excerpts and applying to two festivals: Ivo-Jan Van der Werff’s viola camp in the Catskill Mountains, and the Schlern International Music Festival, taking place in Voels am Schlern, Italy.  I hope to get into both, although the Van der Werff one is very difficult to get into: only about 15 violist attend.

Wish me luck on recording, and happy practicing!