After two years in Sarajevo and numerous auditions, it was time for me to leave. It was only a temporary position, and while I was working towards a permanent position, due to extenuating circumstances that was unable to happen.

Now I am happily living in France, working as an English assistant at a high school and playing with two ensembles, l’Ensemble ADaGio ESPressivo and l’Ensemble Sonopsie. While this wasn’t my original plan, I am very happy with how things are going and I’ll see where this takes me.

While in Sarajevo I had the opportunity to take auditions in Estonia, Croatia, Germany, Malta, and Austria. Some went really well, getting into the finals (Rijeka and Dubrovnik), while others fell short. Even though I was quite devastated after a couple of them, I’m glad I went through them and learned something from each one.

Unfortunately I became a little overzealous with my practicing regime when I returned to Sarajevo for my second season and injured myself quite badly. I’ve had a history of injuries involving my left arm, but this bout of tendinitis was much worse than I had ever experienced. I played the rest of the season with Sarajevo, taking some time off to rest, but I had to really consider my options as a full time orchestral musician and if it is really sustainable health-wise.

The transition has been difficult and is still an ongoing process. But I’m happy to still be playing music here in Rennes in some capacity, and also with a little less pressure. Although this is not where I thought my life would be in this moment, it’s been a good experience seeing where different opportunities will take me.