So much has happened in this last year: I completed my Master’s at the University of North Texas and won a position with the Sarajevo Philharmonic for one season!  This amazing opportunity is a cultural exchange program through the Bosnian-Herzegovinian American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  It’s always been a dream of mine to live abroad, and I really enjoy orchestral performance; I’m looking forward to playing many operas and ballets as well as orchestral works.  I leave September 1 and I’m very excited for this opportunity to perform with a professional orchestra right out of my degree.

This summer I also participated in the Manchester Music Festival as a young artist with full scholarship.  This intense six-week festival focuses on chamber music performance, giving us the opportunity to perform every week and work with amazing faculty from around the country.  This summer I performed four works: Debussy’s string quartet, Dvorak’s piano quartet in A major, Haydn’s Op. 33 no. 2 quartet (“The Joke”), and Prokofiev’s string quartet no. 2.  Not only were the faculty and other young artists great to work with, but the community and sponsors were so inviting and supportive: without them this festival would not be what it is.  My sponsors for this summer were George and Norene Peck, a wonderful couple from Vermont that have been involved with the festival for decades now.  They were so sweet to sponsor me and take me to dinner during the festival, I would just like to thank them again for all of their support and hope to see them again!

This next year will be full of adventure and surprises and I can’t wait to begin!