My second day of GMCMF has come to a close via a student concert with some pretty talented performers.  Most memorable to me was the last person, a pre-college girl from Cincinnati playing Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen, which if you don’t know the piece, it’s pretty crazy-virtuosic.  All of the performers were great, the last was a show piece and it really stuck out in my mind, perhaps because she is so young, but bravo to all of them for a great performance!

Earlier today, I had my first lesson with Susan Dubois, and it was fantastic!  I felt like I should have known my music better, even though it is new music, so she could gauge my level a bit better, but she understood it was fairly new and proceeded with more important technical matters: the subtle differences between violin and viola playing.  She was extremely helpful in giving me different techniques to practice in both left and right hands that are crucial for viola playing, and guided me to improve my setup, suggesting I try out different chin rests to find one that fits me better.  I thought this was great because I had only been focusing on the shoulder rest to help alleviate my shoulder pain and to fix my setup, and I think once I find a new chin rest that fits me, all of these other viola techniques will become that much more easy to adjust.  I’m going to see if I can go into town this week to the violin shop and try some out, and hopefully they will have something that fits my needs!

The mirror in my room will become my new best friend for this month to come, and probably even longer, so I can work on making these tweaks to improve my viola playing.  I think this will be more helpful than to go through repertoire without addressing these important foundations.  I can’t wait until my next lesson!  But first, tomorrow I have a coaching for my string quartet…I hope it goes as well as my lesson did!

Happy practicing all!